Feb 2015: Clay Paky Golden Scan Mk 2 and 3 HPE Moving Mirror Lighting Hire specialist.

East London based Turnaround 360 AV Hire trading as Conference Lighting Hire offer a package of Clay Paky Golden Scan large scale old school moving mirror spot lights for on event hire.

These are big and heavy, but offer a good alternative to the current LED fixtures

We have in our hire stock 10 of Clay Paky Golden scan 575w Mk2 lights

Golden Scan 2 is the  member of the legendary Clay Paky Golden Scan family. It is an effective bright motorized fixture with a powerful 1200 W lamp and excellent effects as standard. It provides great reliability, a perfectly clear beam, great simplicity of use and matchless mirror speed at a competitive price.
and 6 of the longer Clay Paky Golden scan HPE 1200 Mk 3 lights

Stage Scan is Clay Paky's most sophisticated moving mirror fixture. It has an extremely rich set of graphic effects and a sophisticated beam colouring system. Its exclusive Multi-Step-Zoom system provides a wide range of beam angles. It is a sound reliable light designed specifically for all stage lighting applications that need faster beam movement than can normally be achieved with a moving head. 1200 W discharge lamp

  • MSZ (multi-step zoom) system for the beam angles of 6 different lenses (from 13° to 25°)
  • Graphic system: 4 fixed gobos + 4 rotating gobos + 4 rotating prisms + 1 fixed prism
  • 10 optional gobos supplied as standard, stored inside the light casing
  • CMY colour system + colour wheel (including CTO and CTB filters)
  • Special effect filters (two-colour beams, four-colour beams and ultraviolet)
  • Three frost filters
  • High speed iriscs
  • 0-100% dimmer with instantaneous blackout
  • Independent access to the effects compartment, the lamp and the electroni
  • Wikipedia Listing: 1987
    In 1987, Clay Paky launched BRILLIANT, forerunner of a new generation of “intelligent” projectors.
    This was followed by the clamorous success of GOLDEN SCAN, the intelligent projector acclaimed by the specialized press as "the world’s most popular and best-selling projector". Golden Scan’s success was further confirmed by GOLDEN SCAN HPE, the succeeding model.

    In 1990, Clay Paky launched SUPER SCAN, for the most professional entertainment settings, and MINI SCAN, the compact scanner.

We have long lengths of heavy duty box trussing and custom made flying frames for lifting these out of the flightcases and straight up into the rigging with wireless DMX for ultimate flexibility/ quick set up time

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GoldenScan HPE 1200 light


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